We have always held the belief that it is the people behind the process that make our products great. 

Since moving to Maryborough, we have made significant investments in the training of our staff, and in building a culture that truly values product quality. This includes running regular HACCP and GMP training sessions for all staff, and regular toolbox meetings where product quality and safety are reinforced.

Many of the principles of Lean Manufacturing closely align with our Quality Systems – getting it right the first time, not passing substandard work onto the next stage in the process etc. True Foods is a significant way towards providing a certificate 4 in Competitive Systems (Lean Manufacturing) to over half of our employees. This is an ongoing commitment to our staff, as well as our current and future customers.

For us, this business is all about being True to our beliefs, True to our products, but above all, True to our customers. Our team is passionate about producing quality products that truly live up to expectations. We are confident that you will enjoy eating our foods as much as we enjoy manufacturing them for you.


We see every one of our staff as an extension of the True Foods Family. Working closely with a large (internal) OH&S Committee, and liaising closely with Workcover and external auditors, we remain very proactive in identifying and minimising risks before they become statistics.

Just as our customers have the right to expect safe food; our staff has the right to expect a safe, happy and rewarding work environment. 


Below is a partial list of our accreditations:

•    BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
•    HACCP Codex
•    RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard.
•    Halal
•    Kosher
•    Certificate of Registration for a Food Premises

We are also audited for numerous Supplier Standards each year, from major supermarket certification to QSR’s and international brand companies. Auditors from many fields regularly review and praise our systems. 


True Foods is dedicated to the sustainable health of its people, the community we work in, and the broader environment. 

Like many manufacturers, True Foods is constantly looking at ways to improve cost, drive out waste, and reduce our environmental impact as part of our journey of LEAN.  Sustainability is an extension of those principles where waste of any form is bad and should be eliminated.  It is early in our LEAN journey and there are opportunities to continuously improve. 

We are continuing to review investments to lower energy consumption through more efficient equipment, solar and co-generation.  Our packaging supply partners work with us on recycling materials and we are constantly working to maximize our transportation efficiency as we supply our network of customers.  We are certified practitioners in the use of Responsible Sustainable Palm Oil since it is one of our key ingredients.  


Our Quality Assurance team is headed by a leading food technologist who supports a team of qualified and experienced food technologists to refine and administer our quality program. This is also an integral part of our management program ensuring that the food safety system is closely integrated into the overall business. True Foods is committed to food safety and the highest product quality, this is paramount in regard to our long term business sustainability. This commitment is evident through the implementation of BRC and always striving to maintain the highest level across some of the strictest standards in the industry.